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Video Hob the definitive edition review

1 HOB: The Definitive Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

  • Tác giả: gamingcypher.com
  • Ngày đăng: 11/28/2021
  • Đánh giá: 4.85 (756 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: HOB: The Definitive Edition is a puzzle-platformer from Panic Button Games. In it, you play as a resident of an artificial island that is beset with a 

2 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review – GameSpew

  • Tác giả: gamespew.com
  • Ngày đăng: 12/10/2021
  • Đánh giá: 4.59 (444 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · The visuals are noticeably sharper, and a larger screen means that you have better visibility of the game’s world. You still get the feeling 

3 Hob on Steam

  • Tác giả: store.steampowered.com
  • Ngày đăng: 06/12/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.53 (549 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Transform the world of Hob! … Buy Runic Games Collection BUNDLE (?) … From the team that brought you Torchlight and Torchlight II comes Hob: a vibrant, 

4 Hob: The Definitive Edition review for Nintendo Switch, PS4

  • Tác giả: gaming-age.com
  • Ngày đăng: 01/04/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.28 (364 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Rather, I love it because of how well it works. It’s a game built around exploring a mysterious world, and even though it makes no attempt to explain anything 

5 Hob: The Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch

  • Tác giả: nintendo.com
  • Ngày đăng: 06/02/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.13 (507 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: From the creators of Torchlight™ and Torchlight II™! Traverse and transform the mysterious world of Hob. This vibrant, atmospheric adventure game is set in 

6 Review: Hob – Destructoid

  • Tác giả: destructoid.com
  • Ngày đăng: 03/16/2022
  • Đánh giá: 3.91 (581 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Hob tries to do a lot of things within its beautiful world but never does any of them very well. The platforming feels janky and slow, combat is basic and 

7 Hob: Definitive Edition (Switch) Review – Nintendo World Report

  • Tác giả: nintendoworldreport.com
  • Ngày đăng: 06/26/2022
  • Đánh giá: 3.77 (412 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · The only salve is that it just looks bad as the game does run smoothly on the go. In both modes, Hob is playable and competent, but even as a 

8 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review – Switch – Nintendo Insider

  • Tác giả: nintendo-insider.com
  • Ngày đăng: 05/03/2022
  • Đánh giá: 3.42 (369 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · The platforming is functional, the combat simple and the puzzles a mix of clever, unclear or pretty standard stuff. Not every title out there 

9 Hob: Definitive Edition Review – Impulse Gamer

  • Tác giả: impulsegamer.com
  • Ngày đăng: 10/31/2021
  • Đánh giá: 3.39 (244 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Summary: Hob: The Definitive Edition adds a number of quality of life improvements to a solid Action-Platformer with an impressive aesthetic. 3

10 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review

  • Tác giả: bonusstage.co.uk
  • Ngày đăng: 09/01/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.99 (298 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: 8/10 · Đánh giá bởi Elliott Osange

11 Hob: The Definitive Edition – Đánh Giá Game – Vietgame Asia

  • Tác giả: vietgame.asia
  • Ngày đăng: 08/06/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.94 (89 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Với lối chơi hoàn toàn tự do và mang tính khuyến khích khám phá, trải nghiệm, Hob The Definitive Edition có lẽ là một tựa game kỳ lạ đi ngược lại hoàn toàn với những công thức thành công của các tựa game đương đại – nhưng lại tạo nên cái nét duyên riêng biệt cho mình

12 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review – Charming & Intoxicating

  • Tác giả: cogconnected.com
  • Ngày đăng: 07/05/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.86 (112 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · The frame rates are speedy, the loading screens are quicker than a blink of an eye, and the controls are intuitive. Though the narrative and 

13 Hob: The Definitive Edition Reviews – OpenCritic

  • Tác giả: opencritic.com
  • Ngày đăng: 03/25/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.7 (100 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · HOB is a cornucopia of genres in one title that focuses heavily on action-RPG than puzzles, which means you will be moving and shaking more 

14 Hob: The Definitive Edition – Rapid Reviews UK

  • Tác giả: rapidreviewsuk.com
  • Ngày đăng: 08/17/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.64 (69 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · … deliver Hob to the consumers. Just how definitive is this edition? Find out in our latest Rapid Review of Hob: The Definitive Edition

15 [Review] Hob: Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch – The Switch Effect

  • Tác giả: theswitcheffect.net
  • Ngày đăng: 11/14/2021
  • Đánh giá: 2.4 (139 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Hob: Definitive Edition. Nintendo Switch. Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs. Developed By: Runic Games/Panic Button. Published By: Perfect World

16 Hob: The Definitive Edition for Switch Reviews – Metacritic

  • Tác giả: metacritic.com
  • Ngày đăng: 04/04/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.42 (119 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Hob reveals to be a satisfying experience. The level design is diverse and conveys a real appetite for exploration and puzzles. Alas, the fight 

17 Part swordsman, part golem, all adventurer – Hob: The Definitive

  • Tác giả: gamingtrend.com
  • Ngày đăng: 05/25/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.22 (122 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · In Hob: The Definitive Edition, not long after you start your adventure, … part golem, all adventurer — Hob: The Definitive Edition review

18 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review – Flip Switch | We Got This Covered

  • Tác giả: wegotthiscovered.com
  • Ngày đăng: 01/26/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.09 (70 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · There is no dialogue, no text, and pretty much nothing to go on for what’s the deal with the world of the game. Any information or history you 

19 Review: Hob: The Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)

  • Tác giả: purenintendo.com
  • Ngày đăng: 11/10/2021
  • Đánh giá: 2.07 (188 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Hob: The Definitive Edition is an action adventure game similar to the Zelda series. However, in the case of Hob, it features a complete 

20 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review (Switch)

  • Tác giả: gearnuke.com
  • Ngày đăng: 01/31/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.93 (58 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Hob: The Definitive Edition is not going to blow you away with its design but it is a solid adventure game nonetheless. The Nintendo Switch 

21 Review – Hob: The Definitive Edition (Switch) – WayTooManyGames

  • Tác giả: waytoomany.games
  • Ngày đăng: 07/22/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.83 (132 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Review – Hob: The Definitive Edition (Switch). Posted on June 5, 2019 by Heidi Hawes 0 Comments. Action/adventure games and puzzle platformers are some of 

22 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review – Nintendo Times

  • Tác giả: nintendotimes.com
  • Ngày đăng: 07/10/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.89 (124 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Despite some graphical hiccups, Hob: The Definitive Edition is an excellent game. The glitches and technical issues didn’t ruin any enjoyment I 

23 Hob Review – IGN

  • Tác giả: ign.com
  • Ngày đăng: 04/24/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.78 (163 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: 7,8/10 · Đánh giá bởi Leif Johnson

24 Game Review #305: Hob: The Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)

  • Tác giả: jpswitchmania.com
  • Ngày đăng: 12/28/2021
  • Đánh giá: 1.51 (174 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Price (at time of review): $19.99. Buy Hob: The Definitive Edition from the Nintendo Switch eShop here. Don’t Panic! It’s Gonna Be Alright!

25 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review (Switch eShop) – Nintendo Life

  • Tác giả: nintendolife.com
  • Ngày đăng: 12/24/2021
  • Đánh giá: 1.53 (88 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: 8/10 · Đánh giá bởi Dom Reseigh-Lincoln

26 Hob: The Definitive Edition Review | Attack of the Fanboy

  • Tác giả: attackofthefanboy.com
  • Ngày đăng: 07/09/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.49 (197 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · On PS4 Hob struggled in many key areas, but surprisingly the game runs much smoother on Switch. This comes at the cost of some visual polish and 

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